ForeverScapes offers a variety of fencing options to homeowners looking to replace a fence or build a new one.

Cedar Fences

A cedar fence is an excellent & cost effective choice for your home. The natural oils in cedar, make the wood naturally resistant to insect attacks and decay. Because of this, cedar is a durable option without the use of chemical treatments.

The ForeverScapes craftsmen can design and build a variety of cedar fences such as traditional privacy, scalloped, shadow-box, Mt. Vernon Style or horizontal fences.

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Split Rail Fences

Split rail fencing gets its name for the rough cedar split lengthwise into rails. It is ideal for agricultural barriers or residential landscaping. Have pets? We also offer a metal mesh barrier to keep your furry friends in the yard.

Vinyl Fences

Vinyl fences are ideal for Colorado because the vinyl requires very little maintenance and there is no risk of splintering, rotting, or warping. Additionally, there are many styles of vinyl fencing allowing homeowners to bring a unique look to any outdoor space.

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