Commercial Artificial Grass

High-quality commercial artificial grass that’s durable and natural looking.

Commercial Artificial Grass

Artificial grass is a perfect solution for commercial applications. With artificial grass, businesses can enjoy the luxury of green landscaping without the need to hire weekly maintenance crews or worry about foot traffic destroying the fragile natural grass. Our products are highly durable to withstand heavy foot traffic in areas such as pool decks, restaurant patios, and playgrounds.  Road medians, patios, rooftops, apartments, hotels, and doggy daycares are just a few of the other businesses that can benefit from artificial grass.

  • Various depths, heights, and styles to match natural surroundings
  • Great for beautifying spaces in a dry, arid climate
  • Compatible with other drought-friendly landscaping

Save the Water and Save the Environment!

Switching to artificial grass can reduce your water consumption by almost 70% during the summer months!

Low Maintenance

Artificial grass is low maintenance and durable – saving you time and money.


Artificial grass today is built to withstand the elements. From weather to people and pets, our artificial grass is built to last.


Event Spaces and Venues

Artificial grass is an ideal, versatile solution for event spaces and venues, particularly in very hot, rainy or inclement weather. The synthetic turf provides a soft, clean surface throughout, while dust, mud, maintenance, and watering are minimized for the ease of event management and enjoyment of guests.

  • Withstands heavy foot traffic
  • Aesthetically pleasing alternative to concrete in urban spaces
  • Minimize mud and dust at festivals/events

For commercial applications, we recommend the following synthetic turf lines.




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